Flatpack Festival
Film for all the senses


Sunday 9th April, 2017

Lyttelton Theatre | 20:15 - 21:15

A mesmerising live show from one of Birmingham's most exciting bands.

Watching Dorcha is like being propelled into another world; they are without a doubt one of the most exciting music projects to come out of Birmingham in recent years. Led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Anna Palmer, the 5 piece band of synths, strings, electronics and heavy beats verge on the gothic while retaining a strong sense of pop, drawing on an eclectic array of influences and driven by experimental, left-field songwriting. With mesmerising live shows that testify to their presence and energy, their set at Flatpack will showcase the breadth of their work thus far, including material from their first album ‘Black Streams’, collaborative works with visual artists David Stanley and Dom Macmillan Scott and a performance of the newly released EP ‘ISM'.

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