Flatpack Festival
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Eighth Grade

Saturday 4th May, 2019

The Electric Cinema Screen 2 | 16:00 - 17:40

It turns out that eighth grade is still the worst, but what sets Burnham’s first film apart from the myriad of coming-of-age cringe-fests is its low-key, lived-in attitude towards teen insecurity.

Gone are the melodramatic tropes of cafeteria cruelty, mean girls and humiliation and in their place lies an examination of social media as a contradictory weapon against shyness and loneliness. By depicting an audience of peers that are far too self-absorbed to be proactively cruel or even notice each other, this comedy finds its laughs in the familiar and real paradox of teenage social politics.

Dir: Bo Burnham
USA 2018, 93 mins
Cert: 15

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