Flatpack Festival
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Eleanor's Secret

Sunday 27th March, 2011

MAC | 10:00 - 11:20

When his aunt leaves him the key to a secret room, Nat discovers a library where all of the books come to life.

When their dotty Aunt Eleanor dies, Angelica gets a porcelain doll and her younger brother Nat is given the key to a secret room packed with books. Nat can’t read, but when he’s alone in the room the characters inside the pages – including Alice, Captain Hook and Pinocchio – come to life. If they leave the library they’ll disappear, and Nat is given the task of saving them.

After the success of Secret of Kells last year, we’re very happy to have another beautifully animated film about the power of books. Please note that Eleanor’s Secret contains some strobe effects.

Dir: Dominique Monféry

France 2009

English language version

Running Time: 75 mins

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