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Five Stories High

Sunday 18th March, 2012

Flatpack Palais 2013 | 16:00

The tale of Citizen Kane, retold in song, performance, film, drawings and words.

Five Stories High is the brainchild of storytelling festival YARN, and involves retelling a familiar tale in unfamiliar ways - through the media of song, performance, film, illustration and words . They've managed to achieve this with The Odyssey, so how hard can it be to do The Greatest Film Ever Made?

With your help we’re aiming to recreate the entire plot of Orson Welles’ (and lets not forget Herman J. Manciewicz's) Citizen Kane. Each participant will be allocated a slice of the Charles Foster Kane saga (around 6.5% of it), and will then have to work out an interesting way of presenting it. This is how it works…

  • The doors are now open to your expressions of interest – just fill in the short form on Yarn’s site and let us know why you’d like to be involved;
  • On 6 March submissions will close, and we’ll select fifteen teams (three for each artform) to tell the story;
  • Shortly before the festival each team will receive their story-chunk, with a week or so to prepare for…
  • The grand finale. On 18 March – the last day of the festival – the entire film will be recreated at the Custard Factory from start to finish in a dazzling, multi-media, cast-of-thousands performance .

That’s about the size of it. If you’re interested in taking part, keep these dates in mind and think about what sort of team you’d want to put together – solo submissions are also very welcome. There will be very little in the way of budget for participants, but technical and emotional support in abundance and some free Flatpack tickets.

Update We've just extended the deadline to 6 March. Some great entries have been coming in, but we could do with a few more - particularly performers and musicians.

Cert: PG

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