Flatpack Festival
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Fizzle: X-X

Sunday 5th May, 2019

The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire | 14:30 - 15:40

Our third and final collaboration in a short run of events with experimental/improvised music series Fizzle celebrates female filmmakers and musicians.

We’ve teamed up three of the UK's leading improvisers with a selection of early short films made by pioneering female directors such as Mary Ellen Bute (featured in the image above), Claire Parker, and Alice Guy Blaché, largely overlooked in the annals of film history compared to their male counterparts.

Featuring Hannah Marshall on cello, Alcyona Mick on piano (some may recall her fantastic score to Sunrise at Flatpack 2010) and Stella Roberts (Dorcha) on keyboard, the musicians will create brand new live scores to the films, incorporating elements of jazz, improv, contemporary classical, electronica and much more.


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