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Flatpack 2020 Live: Awards Night

Saturday 16th May, 2020

Flatpack Website | 20:00 - 21:30 (BST)

The most glamorous night of your life, and without even leaving your own home...

The audience votes have been counted, and the jury members have made their decisions. Tune in as we announce the award-winning films from this year's Short Film Competition.

This will be a fancy affair so ditch the pyjamas, dust off your finest attire and share your award night outfits on social media - #FlatpackAtHome.

YouTube viewing link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuWA9lejVqQ&feature=youtu.be


To help you create a sense of occasion, we've curated a small cocktail menu for you to try out with the supplies you're likely to have lurking in your cupboards.

The Gimlet
2 and a half parts gin
Half part lime juice
Half part sugar syrup (you can make a bottle of this for future use by dissolving 300ml caster sugar in 150ml water over a low heat)

Mix it all up in with some ice and, if you're feeling fancy, strain into a glass with a stem of some kind. That's it. Simple but very effective.

The Sidecar
3 parts cognac or brandy
1 part orange liqueur
1 part fresh lemon juice

A true store cupbaord cocktail, this is both delicious and great for using up those bottles you bought years ago that have been gathering dust somewhere. Similar to the Gimlet, mix it all up over ice, and strain into a glass (coupé recommended but anything with a stem will work). Garnish with some orange peel if you have it and can be bothered but it will still be delightful without.

Virgin Shirley Temple
1/2 glass of lemon/lime flavoured soft drink
1 tablespoon grenadine

Fill a tall glass halfway with ice, pour over the grenadine and let it settle before topping up with your choice of citrus flavoured soft drink. You can drink these all night and still feel great the next day, kids enjoy them too!

Flatpack 2020: the Home Entertainment Edition is being presented entirely free of charge, but all donations are hugely appreciated.*

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