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Internet Cat Videos

Saturday 21st March, 2015

Old Joint Stock Theatre | 14:00 - 15:00

Some of youtube's finest feline moments, carefully curated by a group of small children.

Internet cats. Sometimes it feels like they’re taking over. Youtube is full to bursting with them, social media feeds are saturated with them, and there’s even an annual film jamboree in Minnesota dedicated to them. Now for the first time, Birmingham gets its own taste of the Internet Cat Video Festival.

The films screening have been carefully programmed by a team of under 5s who have been through some pretty rig- orous curatorial training in order to select the cutest, funniest and strangest videos, but we want your input too. If you’ve come across a worthy cat video online then get in touch at info@famalam.org and your suggestions may well make the programme. In conjunction with F A M A L A M: Exploring parenting and play in the 21st century. See also: Lil Bub & Friendz

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Part of Film Bug, in partnership with and across Colmore Business District from 20-21 March.

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