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Let's Talk Film: Sound Effects

17 February

Zoom | 14:00

We're exploring the art of foley (the reproduction of everyday sounds that are added into films) in this special interactive screening for families.

This half term we’re partnering up with Black Country Touring and composer and sound designer Iain Armstrong and learning how to create our own film sound effects using bits and bobs from around the home. Following a programme of four fantastic family shorts, Iain will give a short demonstration on how you can apply your own sounds to a film using an extract from Om Nom Nom (pictured above). Then it's over to you - grab some 'instruments', turn down the sound on your screen, and have a go at creating your first soundtrack!

The four short films in the programme are: Bearing by Czech filmmaker Daniela Hýbnerová about a bear who forgets their offspring whilst out on a walk, the colourful Om Nom Nom from Japan, the wonderfully creative Submarine Sandwich by American animator PES, and Link about a a pair of friends connected by their hair.

Dir. Various
45 mins
Suitable for all ages

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