Flatpack Festival
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Mind Bombs

Friday 25th March, 2011

The Electric Cinema Screen 2 | 22:30 - 23:55

Pulsating shorts and music videos from a new generation of psychedelic animators. Introduced by David Wilson.

Morphing, pulsating psychedelia seems to be back in a big way. Young animators have picked up the gauntlet from Bruce Bickford (see Flatpack 4) and Pink Floyd visuals, and carefully melted that gauntlet with various 21st century tools.

Highlights of tonight’s lysergic feast include the award-winning Love and Theft (dir: Andreas Hykade), Anthony Francisco Schepperd’s amazing Blockhead promo and Umbra, a sci-fi parable from the prolific Malcolm Sutherland. One of the finest music videos of last year was for Let Go by Japanese Popstars, so we’re delighted that director David Wilson is here to explain how the hell he made it in 3 weeks. Guy Verge Wallace will also be coming all the way from Sydney to present his wonderful puppet-family-meltdown promo for Wrecking Ball by Papa vs Pretty.

Also nestling within Minds Bombs is a mini-retrospective for Mirai Mizue, whose dazzlingly detailed frame-filling ‘cell animation’ needs to be seen on the big screen. Includes a world premiere for his new short Tatamp.

Dir: Various

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