Flatpack Festival
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Myriam Bleau: Unsculpt

Saturday 20th May, 2023

Printmakers Arms | 19:30 - 20:00

Unsculpt attempts to articulate symbols, light and movement though expressive and often abstract audio-visuals.

The second performance by Montréal-based digital artist and composer Myriam Bleau (see Soft Revolvers), it’s stunning to listen to and has something of the dystopian sci-fi landscape to it - so it’s all good preparation for the world continuing to fall apart.

More cheerily though, for the first time this performance is accompanied by Bleau’s very own visuals, formed in 3D by “generative process” and “machine learning”. But what does that really mean? A sneak-peak of Unsculpt pulls the audience through futuristic near-Brutalist vistas and places us in front of shifting, fluid rock formations. In fact, we’re running out of ways to describe it. You just need to experience it for yourself.

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