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Paradise Lost: History in the Unmaking + Q&A

Saturday 9th May, 2020

MAC Birmingham - Cinema | 16:00 - 18:15

On 14th December 2015, work commenced on the long-planned demolition of Birmingham Central Library.

A crowd of people had gathered, and as the concrete cruncher landed the fatal blow a cheer of celebration could be heard. When local filmmaker Andy Howlett first set out with his camera to document the final days of the condemned Brutalist complex, little did he know the rabbit hole he was stumbling into. This isn't just the story of a building - this is the story of a battle for a city's soul. It's a story of loss and forgetting; a story of gods and angels; a journey into a fairground-mirror world of counter-histories and abandoned futures.

Dir: Andy Howlett
UK 2020, 150 mins
Cert: 15*

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