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Saturday 23rd April, 2016

The Electric Cinema Screen 2 | 11:00

This selection shows that meta-cinema can be more playful than pompous, through a series of films reflecting on the medium without taking themselves too seriously.

This selection shows that meta-cinema can be more playful than pompous, through a series of films reflecting on the medium without taking themselves too seriously. Douwe Dijkstra, whose short Demontable was presented at Flatpack last year, comes back with the delightful Supporting Film, declaring his love to filmgoers and demonstrating once again his inventive use of green screen and special effects. Symbolic Threats, by the enigmatic German collective Wermke/Leinkauf/Henke, takes one of the artists' performances in New York as a starting point to observe the power of imagery while mocking the vacuousness of media frenzy. Calm after the storm, Lightkeeping blurs the boundaries between digital and film photography, creating a unique and soothing sensory experience for the viewer.

Black Dir: Anouk de Clercq (Belgium 2015 – 5 mins) Simultaneously boundless and intimate, collective and personal, an ode to and an example of a cinematic experience that is becoming increasingly rare, the darkness of a movie theatre in the course of the projection of a 35mm film print.

Symbolic Threats Dir: Matthias Wermke, Mischa Leinkauf, Lutz Henke (Germany 2015 – 15 mins) Poetry or threat? An act of surrender or art? Inspired by the heated debate over two "white American flags" that suddenly appeared on New York City's Brooklyn Bridge, the film asks what kind of societal scope art has in the present day.

Lightkeeping – UK premiere Dir: Elias Heuninck (Belgium 2015 – 11 mins) Elias Heuninck created a camera that builds up the image pixel by pixel by making one simple measurement at a time. The resulting images are digital by nature, yet the visual resemblance with prints from the early days of photography is striking.

Hello Dir: Simon Fujiwara (Germany 2015 – 10 mins) A Mexican woman talks about her childhood on a rubbish tip. A German with a severe disability in both hands explains about his job as a computer animator. What’s the connection?

Stems Dir: Ainslie Henderson (UK 2015 – 2 mins) Ainslie Henderson's eulogy to the short life span of stop motion animation puppets.

Tapes From The Revolutionary Dir: Scott Willis (UK 2014 – 15 mins) What is it like to see the world through someone else's eyes? Filmmaker Scott Willis discovers Andy, a self-proclaimed communist revolutionary that documents his life on a Hi-8 camcorder.

My Grandad Killed Your Grandad, Doodah, Doodah Dir: Christopher Steel (UK 2015 – 5 mins) I told my friend at work that I was 75% Austrian. She said “Are you related to Hitler?" This film was my edible response.

Supporting Film Dir: Douwe Dijkstra (Netherlands 2015 – 12 mins) From the perspectives of a dozen viewers, this documentary explores the peculiar ritual of watching film. How is the medium experienced by people with sensory impairments, strong religious beliefs, or lovesickness? A story about moving images and their audience.

There are five Short Film Competition programmes in total: Outsiders - Wednesday 20 April at 6.30pm Journeys - Thursday 21 April at 7pm Fragments - Friday 22 April at 4pm Reflections - Saturday 23 April at 11am Delusions - Saturday 23 April at 1pm Don't forget to place your vote for the Audience Award. Slips are available at each screening. The winners will be announced and screened at the Flatpack Awards on Saturday 23 April at 7.30pm.

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