Flatpack Festival
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Short Film Competition: Another Look

Wednesday 17th May, 2023

Printmakers Arms | 17:45 - 19:15

At Flatpack we always like to explore different and unique ways of seeing the world - things would be pretty boring otherwise.

For example, have you ever wondered what it would be like to only see an event seven years after the fact (Slow Light)? Or how to create awesome action special effects (Le Saboteur)? How about teaching your AI clone to do gymnastics (Backflip)? Join us for this programme of shorts and start to see things a little bit differently.


Le Saboteur
dir: Anssi Kasitonni, Finland 2022, 12 mins

Slow Light
dir: Kijek/Adamski, Poland 2022, 11 mins

Eine Sekunde in Fränkli
dir: Douwe Dijkstra, Switzerland/Netherlands 2022, 10 mins

Apostles of Cinema
dir: Darragh Amelia, Gertrude Malizana, Jesse Gerard Mpango & Cece Mlay, Tanzania, 16 mins

dir: Reka Busci, Hungary 2022, 5 mins

The Authentic Self
dir: Olof Bendz, Fred Bendz, Simon Folger and Peter Malmgren, Sweden 2022, 8 mins

dir: Katarzyna Miechowicz, Poland 2022, 8 mins

dir: Nikita Diakur, Germany 2022, 12 mins

Thanks to the Polish Cultural Institute for their support for this event.

Tickets for each Short Fillm Competition Programme are £8/£6, or you can get yourself a Short Film Bundle Pass for £20, getting you into all five programmes. What a bargain.

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