Flatpack Festival
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Short Film Competition: Off Your Chest

Friday 19th May, 2023

The Mockingbird Cinema - Screen 1 | 18:00 - 19:30

Nothing good can come from keeping secrets.

This selection takes a peek at our lies and hidden truths from a range of different perspectives, all proving that honesty really is the best policy. Featuring friendships born from a desire to find buried treasure (The Diamond), schoolgirl crushes with a religious twist (God Level), and a woman with stories so far-fetched they couldn’t possibly be true, right? (Linda), which also just happens to be the world premiere of Joe Lycett's new film.


God Level
dir: César Tormo, Spain 2022, 12 mins

dir: Osman Cerfon, France 2022, 5 mins

Bird in the Peninsula
dir: Atsushi Wada, Japan 2022, 16 mins

White Ant
dir: Shalini Adnani, India/UK 2022, 16 mins

The Diamond
dir: Vedran Rupic, Sweden 2021, 14 mins

dir: Joe Lycett, UK 2023, 7 mins

A Drifting Up
dir: Jacob Lee, UK 2022, 10 mins

Tickets for each Short Fillm Competition Programme are £8/£6, or you can get yourself a Short Film Bundle Pass for £20, getting you into all five programmes. What a bargain.

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