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South Asian Solarpunk

Wednesday 15th May, 2024

Pan-Pan | 20:30 - 21:30

Programmed by Radical Exhibition Collective

South Asian Solarpunk explores the audiovisual work of Birmingham-born artist Seema Mattu.

Through futuristic aesthetics and speculative storytelling linked to British South Asian culture and its roots in Birmingham, Seema’s practice is framed as a theme park called SEEMAWORLD, which explores systems of caste, queer desire, fan labour and gender biases within digital landscapes.

As an extension of her first solo exhibition The Scrawny Beauties of Ethni City, we’ll be screening Seema’s short film a song and dance about song and dance (2023) commissioned by Derby QUAD.

This will be preceded by Seema's short film 우정 (Friendship - 2021) and followed by a discussion with Seema and curator Juwairiyyah Wali, exploring how the Solarpunk genre can uncover utopian possibilities for South Asian diasporas in the UK.

We’ll close with an insight into some of Seema’s new work, settling in for a soundscape of natural and futuristic sounds.

Radical Exhibition Collective is a Birmingham-based film collective with a mission to develop film culture in the local area through providing access to independent and archival film, experimental works and socially engaged art. They recognise film spaces as a site for community gathering, collective experimentation, education and activism.

Doors: 20:15
Screening Starts: 20:30

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