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Spaghetti Pilgrimage

Sunday 22nd May, 2022

Meet at Victoria Square | 11:00 - 13:00

Two days after Flatpack draws to a close, Gravelly Hill Interchange (aka Spaghetti Junction) will celebrate its fiftieth birthday.

That hallowed day in 1972 when environment minister Peter Walker cut the ribbon was a defining moment for Birmingham's motor city ambitions. Since then it's fair to say that the junction has been on a bit of a journey, but whether you love it or hate it this is surely a moment worth marking. Join Walkspace collective for one of their Walkspace Erratics, with no guide and no particular structure - just a stroll down the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, some gazing at concrete pillars, and maybe a pub to follow.

The walk from town is about 3.5 miles. The terrain is mostly pavement and towpath with some uneven and sloping sections, cobbles and narrow tunnels. Those who wish to pay homage but don't fancy the walk can join us at Salford canal junction at 12:45pm. Those who wish to picnic on the shores of Aston Reservoir - once the source of Birmingham's drinking water - should feel free to bring a packed lunch. Unless the weather is truly apocalyptic, the walk will go ahead. If you want to catch the train back to the city centre after the walk, Aston Station is 15 minutes walk from Salford Junction.

Additional info from Walkspace
Piece by Flatpack's Ian Francis on Spaghetti Junction

Meet outside the Council House in Victoria Square

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