Flatpack Festival
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Synth Eastwood present: Fast Forward

Friday 26th March, 2010

The Rainbow Warehouse | 20:00

Question. What has 27 heads, is part-Irish part-English part-French, eats loud repetitive beats, projects wobbly animations and wants to meet new friends?

Synth Eastwood's Fast Forward Show!

Synth Eastwood are delighted to be hosting a night of live music, animation and interactivity as part of this year's Flatpack Festival. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland the group have recently performed at festivals such as HopFarm, Dublin Fringe Festival, Offset and Darklight.

Supplying live music and animations on the night are Clark (UK, Warp), Gangpol & Mit (FR, Pictoplasma), Sarsparilla (IRE), Health & Efficiency (UK) and The Synth Eastwood Band (IRE).

We also have projects and installations such as Hugh Cooney's Info Processor, Synth Eastwood's GIF Shoot!, Birmingham Says Hello and the Fast Forward group project. A selection of Birmingham and Dublin DJ's will take us up to early Saturday morning.

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