Flatpack Festival
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The Physarum Experiments

Saturday 21st March, 2015

BOM | 15:30 - 17:00

Artist Heather Barnett explores the role slime mould plays in the cultures of science and art.

“[In] trying to understand systems that use relatively simple components to build higher-level intelligence, the slime mould may someday be seen as the equivalent of the finches and tortoises that Darwin observed on the Galápagos Islands” — Steven Johnson, Emergence, 2001

You’ve seen the movie – now here’s a chance to meet the stars up close. Join artist Heather Barnett to discover the fascinating role the slime mould plays in the cultures of science and art, and participate in a practical experiment to test the abilities of this single-celled organism. Places are limited. This workshop is free to Creeping Garden ticket-holders. Please see the Creeping Garden event for more information and to book. Part of Culture Club, a day devoted to the joys of bacteria and slime moulds in partnership with the Arts and Science Festival and BOM Lab.

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