Flatpack Festival
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Time + Motion

Wednesday 25th March, 2015

Millenium Point | 19:00 - 23:00

With Swipeside in full swing, immerse yourself in an evening of live animation and performance. Attractions include the first ever UK show by Japanese duo Usaginingen, whose home-made opto-machinery produces real-time visuals through specially made filters soundtracked by a live percussion score. Artist/Knitter Sam Meech will be sharing his special brand of ‘knitted cinema’ with a show which combines stop-motion, 7 inch singles, Eadweard Muybridge and knitting. And bringing things to a close are Sculpture, whose set will explore the realm of electronic music, kinetic art, comic strips and audiovisual cut-ups by using a mix of analogue and digital practices, and a couple of turntables.

Between performances you’ll be able to meander around the atrium and join Jim Le Fevre and his spinning world of phonotropes, assist Sellotape Cinema with their mobile projectors and sticky film strips, create your own light paintings, turn your face into an OHP-projected scanimation, submerge yourself in a wall of psychedelic shadows (Paul Gittins), take a ride on a life-size zoetrope, and much more. If it’s all too much though, just sit back in the bar and enjoy the enveloping visual display.

On Wednesday 25 March there will be a workshop for those wishing to make one of Usaginingen's ingenious Ta-Co optomechanical devices.

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