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Where the Restless Oceans Pound

Saturday 25th September, 2021

MAC Birmingham - Hexagon Theatre | 19:00 - 20:15

Exploring decolonial approaches to the ocean this programme takes its name and inspiration from the Audre Lorde poem ‘A Woman Speaks’, and features three short films in the absence of ruins by Cairo Clarke (27 mins), নীল. Nil. Nargis. Blue. Bring in the tide with your moon... by Raisa Kabir (12 mins), and And The Seas Bring Forth New Lands by Ebun Sodipo (9 mins).

Clarke’s short weaves together a layered narrative offering a starting point to read historical trade routes and geo-cultural exchanges across Europe, Asia and Africa through the lens of her own personal history as a British-born member of a family of Caribbean and Indian heritage. Whilst Kabir’s film uncodes the historical and material connections between Scotland, Bengal and the Caribbean. And Sodipo’s film brings together archival footage and original text to grapple with the interconnected precarity and joys of Black life. Footage combines clips from popular films, and news broadcasts, with music from artists such as Blood Orange and Solange.

This event has been curated by Wingshan Smith, selected from Flatpack’s open call for curators from underrepresented groups. It is also part of the BFI’s Film Feels Hopeful season, and we’re grateful for their support in making it happen.

"I am thrilled to be delivering 'Where the Restless Oceans Pound' as part of Film Feels. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase some of the most exciting artists renegotiating themes of lost histories in order to call forth a future of affirmation." Wingshan Smith

Dir: Various, 50 mins
Suggested cert: 12

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