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What is Build Your Own Film Night?

Build Your Own Film Night is a workshop package devised by Flatpack, giving young people the skills and knowledge to put on their own pop-up film events. Running since 2016 Build Your Own Film Night has engaged over 300 young people in film programming and event production across the Midlands as well as reaching audiences in excess of 3000. Partners include Highfield School in Wolverhampton, University of Birmingham School, Ikon Youth Programme, University of Birmingham, B-Arts, SHYPP (Supported Housing for Young People Project), and British Red Cross.

It’s now easier than ever to put on your own screening and films are a brilliant way to start a conversation or break down barriers. This series of workshops will take you from compiling your own online playlist (whether that’s obscure art house, the latest Blockbusters or cats on YouTube) to putting on your own event, picking up loads of useful skills along the way. The workshop will cover the basics of:

  • Research and curation - advice on tracking down great content, developing themes, accessing archives, and combining film with other elements like performance, DJs and discussion.
  • Licensing and copyright - the nitty-gritty on getting permission to show work.
  • Venues and technical - picking the right place for your event and ensuring it's somewhere your audience will go. Setting up a screen, projector, PA, and compiling all your content for a seamless show.
  • PR & promotion - how to get people through the door and build your brand.
  • Event production - getting yourself organised, planning a schedule, managing your budget, recruiting volunteers, setting up a space, health & safety, troubleshooting, etc.

If you’re interested in finding out how to build your own film night then get in touch with Amy

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The Night of the Red Herring

Monday 10th June, 2024


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