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CineCov Stories: The Italian Job

Tuesday 8th March, 2022 Posted by Brian Harley

The Italian Job is an iconic and beloved movie, which still boasts one of the most exhilarating car chases in cinema, which was partially filmed in Coventry.

The famous car chase scene was filmed in Turin, except for the sequence through the sewer tunnel, which was filmed in Coventry, with the production making ingenious use of the sewer construction before it was sealed up and buried.

In this film, Kevin Conway recalls his tireless efforts to install a plaque commemorating the city location of "the greatest car chase scene ever filmed", with key insight from retired crane operator, Neville Goode, who lowered the iconic minis into the sewer tunnel. James Noble, director of MotoFest Coventry also describes the importance of the city's motoring heritage.

CineCov Stories shines a light on the stories behind film history in Coventry, including big screen figures who hail from the city.

Part of the CineCov programme.

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