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Ian Francis
Wednesday 4th May, 2016 Posted by Ian Francis

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Once we've slept and eaten ourselves back to a semi-human state, a good part of the post-festival week is spent clearing up and finding out what actually happened during the festival. Thanks to the joys of the internets and social media this is much easier than it used to be. If we've missed anything out let us know!

Update: Thirza Wakefield wrote a thoughtful piece for Sight and Sound focussing on Action Space, NG83 and Republic.

Radio 4's Film Programme did a full tour of the city, taking in Blind Cinema, Action Space and The Projectionists;

Gorilla discovered Karel Zeman and Crumbs, and then moved on to shorts and archive TV;

Fluid Radio focussed on Optical Sound events;

The Justified Sinner squeezed Pierre Bastien into a busy week;

Critics Associated caught the Guy Maddin double-bill, Chuck Norris vs Communism and Love and Peace; Notes on Film made it through all of Gomes' Arabian Nights, and saw some live scores too. "It's a superb festival that Birmingham is very lucky to have."

Spanish blog Culturamas decided we were "probably the coolest film festival in England";

Libby Caraher reported on her volunteer experience for The Warwick Boar;

Flatpack regular TV Trev made it to loads of stuff, and posted about Green Room, Projectionists and animation among other things;

Carl Hopley wrote about Unpacked and the Gas Hall; The Ham That Runs also went to the Gas Hall, and watched some shorts;

Melita Berg repurposed some cardboard boxes to create a nifty sign for our hub;

Ghosts on the Screen enjoyed a Satanic afternoon, and is "already counting the days until the next one."

Jack made a vlog:

The #MyFlatpack team did too:

As part of their MyFlatpack weekend, Emma and Elliot from Media Active both did in-depth writeups;

...As did William Donnelly for Belfast's Takeover Film, summarising it as "an unforgettable, unique and surreal experience";

Martin McNally and helpers animated a load of moss and twigs in Action Space:

...And Dawinder Bansal talked about her dad's video shop at Pecha Kucha:

Images at the top courtesy of Laura Crouchley, Jack Spicer Adams and Greg Milner.

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