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Gothic Horror Live Score at Coventry Cathedral

Wednesday 4th May, 2022 Posted by Brian Harley

Last Bank Holiday weekend, CineCov raised the curtain on one of its finale events for Coventry’s UK City of Culture year, a riveting presentation of classic silent horror film, 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' at Coventry Cathedral.

Multi-instrumentalist Stephen Horne and pianist Meg Morley performed a live rendition of their incredible original score for the film, with gorgeous melodic piano and full throttle use of the Cathedral's suite of organs.

The score was a supreme elevation of this 1920 gothic horror, musically emoting the film’s themes of decency and wickedness, wrestling within the duality of Dr Jekyll and his beastly alter ego Mr Hyde with grace, wit and pitch perfect timing, in a cherished venue that made for an unforgettable night.

Check out some of these marvellous images by our photographer Katja Ogrin.

Commissioned by Flatpack. Part of the CineCov Programme. We’re also very grateful for the hard work and imagination of film curator, Miranda Gower-Qian.

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