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Wednesday 24th February, 2016

It's the moment you've been waiting for... The first batch of events from Flatpack 10 are now on sale.

We have an absolute corker of a programme for you this year, and highlights include new live scores, Pierre Bastien's musical machinery, folks sharing their embarrassing teenage memories for our amusement, and as ever, events that push the boundaries of cinematic experience (ever been to the cinema blindfolded...?)

Events now on sale:

VAMPYR - Opening night will include a new live score to one of cinema’s landmarks, Carl Theodore Dreyer’s luminous, mesmerising Vampyr.

PIERRE BASTIEN - Musician, artisan, and performer Pierre Bastien will be taking various tunes and themes from his recent album, Blue As An Orange and reformulating his legendary Silent Motors show.

GIRL SHY - One of the funniest comedies of the silent era, with musical accompaniment from the inimitable silent film pianist Cyrus Gabrysch.

OH DEAR DIARY - For one night only, our courageous readers will be reliving the awkward crushes, homework dramas and dubious musical tastes of their childhood and teenage years.

BLIND CINEMA (11am) - The art of audio description, in the form of whispered narration by a group of school children.


SOUND AND VISION - Triple-bill of AV performances from Amsterdam-based duo Optical Machines, sound artist Graham Dunning and Berlin-based artist collective Transforma.

FAUST - FW Murnau's Faust effortlessly takes us from gothic horror to bucolic comedy and back again, accompanied by Matt Eaton (Pram) and Gareth Jones (Misty’s Big Adventure, Grandmaster Gareth).

The Flatpack 10 Flatpass and the full programme will follow shortly...

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