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Newman Brothers Coffin Works

Ian Francis
Tuesday 15th September, 2009 Posted by Ian Francis

Here's a couple of shots from the Coffin Fittings Works in the Jewellery Quarter, out of action since the 1990s but accessible this weekend thanks to the Heritage Open Days. The workers at Newmans carried on in cosy, slightly lethal, semi-Victorian conditions right up until the place shut down thanks to the decline in folk getting buried. When Birmingham Conservation Trust had a look around they found a treasure-trove of old ledgers, ironwork, embalming fluid and hefty stamping presses, all of which has been catalogued and stored until the day when the place reopens as a museum. Unfortunately that day now looks a lot further off since Advantage West Midlands pulled out of the project. There's more info here if you wish to voice your support, and some great images in this flickr group.

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