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Interview: Filmmaker Paul Daly brings Mirrors to Coventry

Monday 23rd January, 2023 Posted by Brian Harley

Coventry filmmaker Paul Daly talks to us about the special showcase of his film 'Mirrors', which will screen at Coventry Cathedral this weekend.

Shot on 16mm film, Mirrors is a lucid diary and poetic map of England, its relationships, customs, rifts and bonds, depicting its diverse individuals, communities, and historic events. As we gaze at our reflection in this film, it takes us on a mesmeric journey through seven unprecedented years for the country.

Here, Paul reflects on his impulse for making the film, his influences and his anticpation of screening it in his hometown for the first time in the splendour of Coventry Cathedral.

This is a free screening, but booking is advised - book your tickets via the Coventry Cathedral website.

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