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Seán Hillen: A Cut Above

Sam Groves
Thursday 27th May, 2021 Posted by Sam Groves

The collision and juxtaposition of imagery has always fascinated us here at Flatpack - we've shown films by collage animators like Martha Colburn and Run Wrake, have put on various exhibitions, and we even threw a collage-themed party in 2015. So when we first saw Gillian Marsh's brilliant documentary about collage artist and photographer Seán Hillen, it was hardly a surprise that we wanted to show it. You can find out a little more about the film in Kolaj Magazine and it's available to watch as of today (Thursday 27 May) for 72 hours on our virtual platform (includes a Q&A with Seán hosted by collage artist Mark Murphy). To whet your appetites, I thought I'd pick out 10 of Seán's collages from his vast collection of artworks. In no particular order - I just think they're all great.

If you feel inspired to get paper, magazines, and scissors out yourself, there's a live collage workshop this evening too.

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