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10th September onwards

A two-wheel cross-city excursion visiting key locations from 'This Way to the Revolution', as part of Birmingham Heritage Week. Total journey is around 15 miles.

The Birmingham we know today was partly forged during a massive redevelopment in the 50s and 60s. By 1968 young Brummies were coming to terms with the 'New Birmingham', and inspired by examples from overseas many of them were setting up their own venues, protests and movements. Flatpack have been delving into that fertile moment, and this self-led 15-mile bike ride is an opportunity to visit some of the key locations in the story, including:

- The Great Hall at the University of Birmingham, occupied by over 1000 students for eight days in late '68
- The 'best club in the world', which hosted everyone from John Lee Hooker to Pink Floyd above a furniture shop on Erdington High Street
- The Digbeth church that became a biker coffee bar
- The spot where anti-racist protesters marched against Enoch Powell in May '68

As well as following a route via Google maps *, riders can download the Overhear app and access audio memories on their way round. All research and images are drawn from our book 'This Way to the Revolution', currently available at a reduced price from the Flatpack shop.

*Update - If you'd like the directions on your phone, just click on these links:
Cycle tour part 1 (Clevedon Road to the old Arts Lab building on Tower Street)
Cycle tour part 2 (Tower Street to Erdington, and back to Digbeth)

**Please note - these directions send you over the big roundabout at Spaghetti Junction, but we recommend cyclists use the underpasses beneath!

***For a taster of the tour, check out this Brumpic blogpost.

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