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What do we call home? How do we navigate the different cultures and identities that constitute us? In this programme, we explore the global village that is our world through the eyes of people living at the crossroads. While some rediscover their heritage (in the mouth-watering Jesa), others try to find their feet in a foreign country (see the animated adventures of a French girl in the imaginary land of Dutchgaria). Between traditions and new beginnings, the characters in this programme may sometimes be lost in translation, but they are rich with the stories they carry with them.
Suitable for ages 15+

How Does This Work?

Just scroll down and click on each video to play. Then when you've worked out your favourite, cast your vote in the form at the bottom and join us at Awards Night on 16 May to find out the winners.

To kick things off, here's an introduction to the programme from our programming team...


Dir: Kyungwon Song (US 2019, 6 mins)
Jesa is a Korean tradition honoring ancestors. The filmmaker decides to interview her parents to learn about this ritual.


Dir: Capucine Muller (Belgium 2019, 12 mins)
The adventures of a French girl who struggles with an unknown language in the country she's just moved to.


Dir: Rhea Storr (UK 2018, 12 mins)
Celebration is protest at Leeds West Indian Carnival. The film asks who is really performing, and questions the visibility of black bodies, particularly in rural spaces.


Dir: Nitzan Rozen (Israel 2019, 4 mins)
In Israel, on Memorial Day, a siren sounds for 2 minutes, during which the country stops.


Dir: Cassandra Surina, David Ehrenreich (Canada 2020, 5 mins)
A Japanese expat living in Vancouver shares her thoughts on snacks, music, and stereotypes.

Bonus features

Read our interview with Rhea Storr about her film A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message.

... And watch the animated characters from the film Dutchgaria interviewed by their creator Capucine Muller.

We're thrilled to bring you these films as part of Flatpack 2020: Home Entertainment Edition. The full programme, intended for the big screen, also included the following films, which are unfortunately unavailable online:

In Between (Dir: Samir Karahoda, Kosovo 2019, 12 mins)

Waters of March (Dir: Chase Johnson, US 2019, 16 mins)

Bear With Me (Dir: Daphna Awadish, Netherlands 2018, 4 mins)

These films are still eligible for the Best Short and WTF award - winners of these awards will be selected by our incredible panel of judges.

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