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Tuesday 5 - Thursday 14 May

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Unity is strength, as demonstrated by the characters in these films, all linked by a common passion or purpose - from a love of jazz (meet Billy and Willy) to German mini golf (Ascona), to rehearsals for a puppet play of a different kind (Doll)... Beyond these unlikely friendships are tales of self-acceptance, and those who dare to follow their own path and write their own rules. Animation, fiction and documentary are combined in this programme that celebrates the art of living together without forgetting what makes us special.
Suitable for ages 15+

How Does This Work?

Just scroll down and click on each video to play. Then when you've worked out your favourite, cast your vote in the form at the bottom and join us at Awards Night on 16 May to find out the winners.

To kick things off, here's an introduction to the programme from our programming team...


Dir: Kathrin Steinbacher (UK 2019, 6 mins)
While her granddaughter is visiting, Heidi suddenly embarks on a hiking journey. A story about Heidi's attempt to retain her identity and autonomy.


Dir: Julius Dommer (Germany 2019, 15 mins)
Ascona shows a place that has not changed since the 1950s. A miniature golf course becomes a social analysis analogy.


Dir: Nelly Michenaud (UK 2019, 9 mins)
On an train journey without stops or destination, different passengers cross paths, until the situation gets out of control.


Dir: Michael Barwise, Sean Mullan (UK 2019, 13 mins)
Exploring residue, trauma and memory through the eyes of two best friends and their shared identities. Billy and Willy guide us through their world of Jazz.


Dir: Holly Summerson (UK 2019, 6 mins)
An animated discussion about the ‘ideal’ respectable queer person, that explores the pressure to be a ‘good example’, and the joy of refusing to conform.


Dir: András Schmidt (Hungary 2019, 18 mins)
A group of women are preparing a puppet show for their families.

Bonus features

András Schmidt talks about his film Doll, his inspirations and his work with the cast.

Michael Barwise and Sean Mullan look back on the making of their documentary Billy Willy.

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