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We're delighted to welcome the first online edition of PechaKucha Birmingham, gathering a thoughtful crop of talks on the theme of Vision. A quick recap on the rules of PechaKucha (Japanese for chit-chat) - you have twenty slides, lasting twenty seconds each. In those six and a half minutes you can talk about anything you like. Before we begin, a few words from PK Brum organiser Ben Waddington...

Francis Lowe - Behind Closed Doors

Freeseeing is an attempt to take control of how we can see the world around us. It seeks to liberate us from what we need to see by helping us to not only control what we see but how we see it. Using our everyday environments, Freeseeing presents us with the tools to find beauty, mood, pattern and narrative in the unseen and the overlooked.

Ian Evetts - Lockdown 13

A story, set in B'ham, based on a vision promoted by government. Based on a true story which happened to my grandfather whilst a prisoner of war in 1916.

Antonia Grousdanidou - Staring at the Wall

Twenty years after a vision of the future conditioned by the film Fight Club was hatched, the relic of a teenage obsession still adorns the wall of an apartment in quarantine. I take this opportunity to remember bridges burnt in light of this vision, through some beloved but demolished brutalist buildings.

Rebecca Lee Sanchez - Spiral

Sometimes succumbing to your frazzled state is the fastest way to get to where you're headed in times of great pressure and chaos. Join me on this spiral toward acting casual and effectively PechaKucha-ing.

Elvira Miceli - Apocalypse Then

Brilliantly colored and intricately abstract, the illuminations of the Beatus Manuscripts of medieval Spain capture John the Evangelist’s apocalyptic visions. Exploring these codices through a favorite example, I also discuss their role in my love of art history and their new relevance in the current moment.

Joel Blackledge - The Look of a Lockdown

The lockdown has produced a sudden surge in videoconferencing and image-sharing of all kinds, creating a particular kind of visual language that compels us to ask, 'is that how other people see me'? And why do we need to see each other at all?

Tracey Thorne - Reimagining Hockley Flyover

Tracey’s Hockley Flyover Project aims to document areas around the A41 Hockley Flyover and to open up a conversation about how we can collectively re-imagine the space. She has taken inspiration from similar art projects in India where painted concrete structures transform space and create a more valuable sense of place for local communities.

Asya Draganova - The Revolution Goes On

A study in 1980s Bulgarian subcultures and their legacies.

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