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This programme is no longer available

We all see the world differently, and in this collection of colourful animations we explore how this impacts and shapes our world. In Pitch Black Panacea, an attempt to cure a lazy eye brings on a range of vivid hallucinations. A meteor fragment lodged in a boy’s brain kicks off a journey into strangeness in Eli, and and a humble shepherd has an incredible encounter in Michel le Berger. This eclectic collection of points of view reminds us that a change in perspective is often exactly what we need, and that every breakdown can lead to a breakthrough.
Suitable for ages 15+

How Does This Work?

Just scroll down and click on each video to play. Then when you've worked out your favourite, cast your vote in the form at the bottom and join us at Awards Night on 16 May to find out the winners.

To kick things off, here's an introduction to the programme from our programming team...

Pitch Black Panacea

Dir: Tom Hardiman, UK 2019, 7 mins
An attempt to cure a pair of strangers of their lazy eyes leads to introspection, emotional realisations, and a whole lot of hallucinations.

Any Instant Whatever

Dir: Michelle Brand, UK 2019, 5 mins
A man in a room, in a film – It is the beginning of something and simultaneously beginning in itself. Nothing is as solid as we believe...

My Dad's Name was Huw. He was an Alcoholic Poet.

Dir: Freddie Griffiths, UK 2019, 7 mins
An intimate and insightful documentary short unravelling the state of mind of an alcoholic father through the poems he left behind.

My Dad's Name was Huw. He was an Alcoholic Poet.

with audio description

Audio description is narration that describes what is happening on screen. It is aimed primarily at blind and visually impaired persons. Please note the film contains high-pitched sounds.

Michel le Berger

Dir: Raphaël Jouzeau & Valentine Vendroux, France 2020, 2 mins
An unsuccessful shepherd has an unexpected musical encounter.


Dir: Nate Milton, US 2019, 11 mins
This is a true story based on the filmmaker’s experiences within the realms of High Strangeness, Magical Thinking and Manic Delusion.


Dir: Zilai Feng, USA 2019, 2 mins
Sometimes, the only thing needed to kick off a colourful journey is the act of putting on a jumper.

Bonus Features

Interview with Pitch Black Panacea director Tom Hardiman

Behind-the-scenes of Michel le Berger

We're thrilled to bring you these films as part of Flatpack 2020: Home Entertainment Edition. The full programme, intended for the big screen, also included the following films, which are unfortunately unavailable online:

Nestor (Dir: Joao Gonzalez, UK 2019, 6 mins)

And Yet We're Not Super Heroes (Dir: Lia Bertels, Beligum 2019, 12 mins)

Gray Body (Dir: Samaneh Shojaei, Iran 2019, 5 mins)

Black Sheep Boy (Dir: James Molle, France 2019, 15 mins)

These films are still eligible for the Best Short and WTF award - winners of these awards will be selected by our incredible panel of judges.

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