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Best of the Web: Haha, You Clowns + Bigtop Burger

Saturday 18th May, 2024

Pan-Pan | 15:00 - 16:00

All these high-end, globe spanning, award winning short films are all well and good, but what happened to the good old YouTube video? Join the Flatpack programming team as we share some of our favourite series to ever grace the web.

Max’s pick: Haha, You Clowns + Bigtop Burger:
In this instalment, meet three brothers who do everything together. Watching movies, getting the same haircut, but more importantly: being proud of their dad for doing such a bang-up job raising three wonderful boys on his own. Following this dose of wholesomeness is a show that finally asks the question: what’s weirder than a burger van run by clowns? (Spoiler: It’s a burger van run by zombies).

This is one of five ‘Best of the web’ programmes - check out the rest here.

Doors: 14:45
Screening starts: 15:00

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