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Beyond the Realm

Saturday 28th March, 2015

Flatpack Palais @ The Bond | 21:30 - 23:00

The outer reaches of animation, including brilliant new shorts from David O'Reilly, Mirai Mizue and Don Hertzfeldt.

Some familiar names crop up in the second competitive animation programme including Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Don Hertzfeldt, whose latest short World of Tomorrow is a further departure from his early hand-drawn minimalistic work, delving into the sci-fi genre with his first digitally-animated film.

David O’Reilly continues to climb to the top of the animator’s tree with The Horse Raised by Spheres, a brilliantly funny short about a lonely colt pondering his own existence, and the prolific Mirai Mizue (a guest at last year’s Flatpack) has produced another kaleidoscopic explosion of motion and colour with Poker. If all that’s not enough, there’s also multi-award winning shorts from Hungary, China, and the UK. (dir. David O’Reilly) Ireland/USA, 2014 – 3min (dir. Mirai Mizue & Yukie Nakauchi) Japan, 2014 – 4min (dir. Réka Bucsi) Hungary, 2013 – 8min (dir. Kristof Babaski) Poland, 2014 – 6min (dir. Brian Smee) USA, 2014 – 2min (dir. Borbonesa) UK, 2014 – 4min (dir. Don Hertzfeldt) USA, 2014 - 16min (dir. SeungHee Kim) South Korea, 2014 – 2min (dir. Shen Jie) China, 2013 – 4min (dir. Sarina Nihel) UK, 2014 – 7min (dir. Donato Sansone) Italy, 2013 – 3min (dir. Tobias Strech) USA, 2014 – 5min (dir. Matt Reynolds) USA, 2014 – 3min (dir. Sophie Koko Gate), UK, 2014 – 7min (dir. Erick Oh) USA, 2013 – 6min Beyond the Realm is one of our Short Film Competition screenings. A Short Film Competition pass can be bought here to see all five screenings.

Dir: Various Cert: 15

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