Flatpack Festival
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Cross City Walks

Friday 27th March, 2015

Centrala | 15:00

Pete Ashton presents a treadmill installation which enables you to retrace his journeys across the city.

Andy Howlett and Pete Ashton have been walking across Birmingham in lines as straight as they can make them. They take an Outer Circle bus stop as a starting point and draw a line on an A-Z through the centre and out to the opposing bus stop. Then they walk it to see where it takes them. During these walks Pete wears a GoPro camera on his chest, taking photos every five seconds, and uses these to try and make sense of our vast and varied city.

This immersive interactive installation lets you literally retrace their steps by walking on a treadmill as the photos flash in front of you. Start running and they'll speed up. Run too fast and something weird will happen.

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