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On-Gaku: Our Sound

Saturday 25th September, 2021

MAC Birmingham - Cinema | 13:00 - 14:15

When a misfit trio gets their hands on a bass guitar, half a drum kit, and (another) bass guitar, their simplistic music taps into something primal, and they inadvertently find themselves headlining a local rock festival.

This deadpan Japanese comedy took seven years to complete, the final result being an entirely hand-drawn feature film that shows you don’t have to have a clue what you’re doing, or even any enthusiasm, to create great music. An eccentric, mumblecore anime that salutes amateurism, On-Gaku is a love letter to garage bands and the galvanising power of music. It’s also one of the best, and funniest films we’ve seen in recent years.

Dir: Kenji Iwaisawa
Japan 2019, 71 mins
Recommended cert: 12

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