Flatpack Festival
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Once Upon a Time in the West (Midlands)

Thursday 21st April, 2016

BCU Parkside Gallery | 18:30

A spotlight on local talent, showcasing various productions by filmmakers from the region.

A spotlight on local talent, showcasing various productions by filmmakers from the region. Animation, live-action fiction, experimental – this eclectic mix demonstrates a wealth of creativity. The Brothers McLeod’s mockumentary Standing Still tells the story of a living statue who is standing still in more ways than one, while Eden Reborn is an adaptation by Elisabeth Charis of her eponymous poem. Pep Mask (William Marler) and The Curse of the Were-Rat (Jan Julian Rospond) show the quality of animation coming out of Birmingham City University, and Michael Lightborne’s architectural sci-fi The Future is a Waste of Time is an ode to Birmingham Central Library. (105 mins)


Croissant Dir: Louis Hudson (UK 2015 – 2 mins) Don't you just hate it when you get food on your face and your entire concept of reality crumbles?

The Curse of the Were-Rat Dir: Jan Julian Rospond (UK 2015 – 6 mins) In the city shred by terror, a mysterious shape-shifting man strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens. A wild, innocent cat nearly falls victim to the strange monster, however he discovers his great secret.

Standing Still Dir: Chris McGill (UK 2015 – 12 mins) A bittersweet mockumentary about a living statue of Hamlet who is standing still in more ways than one.

The Offering Dir: Sima Gonsai (UK 2015 – 12 mins) The grief caused by the passing of their beloved mother has created a rift between Maya, a talented dancer, and her brother. The tensions boil over as Maya's brother and father prepare for an important Hindu ceremony, the same day as Maya's Bharat Natyam dance exam.

Eden Reborn Dir: Elisabeth Charis (UK 2015 – 17 mins) Originally commissioned by mac Birmingham and Apples & Snakes for a scratch performance night, the narrative poem Eden Reborn is an eco-feminist, reimagining of the Myth of Eden in response to Ted Hughes' Theology.

Predictable Ways Dir: John Napier (UK 2016 – 2 mins) Music video for 'Predictable Ways' by Waler, Birmingham post-pop duo.

The Future is a Waste of Time Dir: Michael Lightborne (UK 2015 – 18 mins) A film about a time-travelling film, brutalist architecture, utopian desire, digital decay, and the demolition of John Madin's Birmingham Central Library.

After Dir: David Toms (UK 2015 – 16 mins) Following a world-changing event, Harry is left alone on his family's farm in a remote location. Without his wife and son, he tries to make do with his own company and daily chores that give him sustenance. That is until Dylan runs from the forest and into his life.

Tiny Bible Dir: Susanna. Quirke (UK 2015 – 15 mins) A deluded lifestyle blogger confronts some harsh realities.

Pep Mask Dir: William Marler (UK 2016 – 4 mins) Take a look at a routine I need to do every single morning and evening - Pep Mask.

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