Flatpack Festival
Film for all the senses

The Blue Lamp

Wednesday 12th October, 2016

| 18:00

A rare chance to revisit the golden era of cinema with an introduction by Professor Roger Shannon.

A pair of London hoodlums, rejected by the established criminal set, execute a spate of robberies which finally results in the death of a policeman. Produced by Michael Balcon and featuring PC George Dixon (named after his school George Dixon High).

A rare screening providing the chance to revisit the golden era of cinema and look back at actors Jack Warner and Dirk Bogarde. Professor Roger Shannon will be providing a talk prior to the screening which will provide a thorough insight into the work of producer Sir Michael Balcon and his contribution to the British film industry.

Find out more about Sir Michael Balcon's work at the Parkside Gallery exhibition, Michael Balcon - Birmingham's Film Knight, or by visiting the Parkside Gallery blog.

Dir: Basil Dearden 1949 UK, 85 mins

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