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The Cinema Exists to Please Women

Saturday 26th March, 2011

Eastside Projects | 14:00 - 15:30

Back in the 1930s film criticism was dominated by women. So what has changed?

In honour of patron saint Iris Barry, the UK's original female film critic, Flatpack presents an energetic event celebrating some of the sharpest writers on contemporary cinema.  With Barry's maxim that "the cinema exists to please women" as inspiration, we'll be taking the pulse of current criticism through presentations from female film critics and open audience discussion.  Chaired by writer, festivalist and Flatpack board member Kate Taylor, and including guests Hannah McGill (freelance writer, and formerly artistic director of Edinburgh Int. Film Festival), Frances Morgan (New Statesman, Terrorizer, and ex-editor of Plan B) and Eleanor McKeown (Electric Sheep).

A discussion of film criticism today

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