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Usaginingen: Black Kite – Pulsation of Souls

Saturday 18th May, 2024

Patrick Studio | 15:00 - 16:00

After nearly two decades of festivals, a few standout moments naturally come to mind. One that’s right up there is Japanese AV duo Usaginingen’s performance back in 2015, so what an absolute delight it is to welcome them back to Flatpack nine years on.

For those who missed the 2015 spectacle, we guarantee this experience will be unlike any other audiovisual performance you've encountered. Shin provides the music, via his flatpack percussion kit (literally - it folds down into a box). Emi Hirai crafts the visuals using a multilayered contraption and various materials, with a camera capturing it all and projecting it onto a big screen. The sum of its parts are far, far greater than most of us can imagine.

"Black Kite – Pulsation of Souls" sees the duo reflect on the struggle of Teshima Island’s residents, who valiantly fought back against illegal dumping and pollution of their home. Through thirty years of tireless campaigning and determination, the damage inflicted by almost one million tonnes of industrial waste is nearing completion of the cleanup, serving as an inspiring testament to civil activism.

We’re massively thankful to The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation for their generous support.

Doors: 14:30
Screening Starts: 15:00

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