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Creative Evolution: Live Painting

Lucile Bourliaud
Sunday 3rd May, 2020 Posted by Lucile Bourliaud

For Flatpack, SONG YungSung generously agreed to recreate a frame from Creative Evolution, his vibrantly coloured homage to modern art. The result is a captivating 3 hour-long video, that we're presenting here in a slightly condensed version...

Creative Evolution is part of the programme The Other Side, available on the website from Sunday 3 to Tuesday 12 May

Patience is undoubtedly one of the key qualities required when making animation films. SONG YungSung hand painted each of the hundreds of frames that compose his film Creative Evolution. Inspired by Bergson's book of the same name, the film pays tribute to early 20th century painters: Delaunay, Picasso, Matisse and many more... Watch the meticulous artist at work in the video below.

The animator also shared with us this early test, shot during the making of the film.

A big thank you to SONG YungSung for sharing these exclusive videos with us.

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