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Sunday 3 - Tuesday 12 May

This programme is no longer available

In this animated journey to the other side and back again, we’ve focused on shorts that tell a story of passing a threshold and returning as something else entirely. A woman comes face to face with herself in Shadow Passage, and we explore 20th century art through colourful animation in Creative Evolution. Meanwhile, Mr Mare takes a look at a familiar form of love, through the eyes of a new and very unfamiliar roommate. While not always positive, these films come together to show that there’s always something to learn by crossing the border into the unknown.
Suitable for ages 15+

How Does This Work?

Just scroll down and click on each video to play. Then when you've worked out your favourite, cast your vote in the form at the bottom and join us at Awards Night on 16 May to find out the winners.

To kick things off, here's an introduction to the programme from our programming team...


Dir: Kaspar Jancis, Estonia 2019, 11 mins
An aging soviet hero relives his past exploits in his daughter’s apartment. A cosmonaut will always be a cosmonaut..

Shadow Passage

Dir: Ali Aschman, UK 2019, 4 mins
An improvised stop-motion film about a woman exploring her own psyche through its manifestation as a sequence of progressively smaller rooms, inhabited by multiple selves.

Thorns and Fishbones

Dir: Natália Azevedo Andrade, Hungary 2020, 9 min 
Alone in the desert, three children decide to try and uncover their mysterious house’s secrets.

Creative Evolution

Dir: YungSung Song, Japan 2019, 5 mins
A colourful study of the works of Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Delaunay and many more.

Mr. Mare

Dir: Luca Toth, Hungary/France 2019, 19 mins
An exploration of unrequited love through the eyes of a thumb-sized person who has recently emerged from the chest of another.

Bonus features

Behind the scenes: interview with Ali Aschman, director of Shadow Passage

Watch SONG YungSung recreate a frame from his film Creative Evolution in this live painting video

We're thrilled to bring you these films as part of Flatpack 2020: Home Entertainment Edition. The full programme, intended for the big screen, also included the following films, which are unfortunately unavailable online:

Hudson Geese (Dir: Bernardo Britto, US 2019, 5 mins)

Human Nature (Dir: Sverre Fredriksen, Zaou Vaughan, Netherlands 2019, 2 mins)

The Edge (Dir: Zaide Kutay, Geraldine Cammisar, Switzerland 2020, 7 mins)

Something to Remember (Dir: Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Sweden 2019, 5 mins)

Movements (Dir: Dahee Jeong, South Korea 2019, 10 mins)

These films are still eligible for the Best Short and WTF award - winners of these awards will be selected by our incredible panel of judges.

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