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Lucile Bourliaud
Sunday 17th May, 2020 Posted by Lucile Bourliaud

We've been sifting through the debris left behind after last night's hedonistic awards do, and gradually piecing together what happened. Most importantly, here is a full run-down of all the winners. Once again a massive thank you goes out to all of our judges, and to everyone who cast their vote for the audience choice.

Colour Box Audience Award

The Witch and the Baby

Dir: Evgenia Golubeva (Russia 2019, 5 mins)

This warm and witty spin on the Baba Yaga tales was a hugely popular choice with viewers of all ages.

Evgenia Golubeva is originally from St Petersburg and now lives in Stratford-on-Avon. The film was co-written by her partner Myles McLeod, and you can hear them talk about it here.

Screendance Award


Dir: Daphne Lucker (Netherlands 2018, 15 mins)

This graduation film from the Netherlands, choreographed by Emma Evelein, has received international acclaim.

A few words from Screendance judges Karen Wood and Ravi Deepres:

"This winning film showed great choreographic use of the camera and the cinematography, and it had perfectly aligned, highly original physical movement."

The response to this inaugural Screendance competition, co-curated with Sima Gonsai, has been overwhelming. In the audience top 3, only separated by a few votes, we find Maids (dir: Sofia Castro), Waiting for Colour (dir: Kosta Karakashyan) and Finding My Feet (dir: The Motion Dance Collective). Check out the Guardian's four star review of the programme here.

Optical Sound Award

Very Noise

Dir: Meat Dept (France, US 2019, 2 mins)

There's plenty of fleshy oddness crammed into these two minutes, a music video for French breakcore act Igorrr.

The judges said:

"An incredibly intricate and complex technical feat. I thoroughly enjoyed the dark humour throughout and was awed by the originality of visual ideas and aesthetic choices. Mostly though, I feel gravely concerned for the minds involved in its creation and my own for enjoying it quite so much. Are we ok? - Anna Palmer

"An intense and intriguing combination of image and music. In a very short time the clip manages to achieve a high level of complexity and dynamism that not only reflect an abundance of creativity and imagination but also a remarkable intuition for timing and composition. - Hugo Morales Murguia

Audience Award

Michel le Berger

(dir: Raphaël Jouzeau & Valentine Vendroux)

Sheep! Eurodance! A talking pebble! What more could you want?
Raphaël & Valentine also kindly put together this one-minute film especially for Flatpack 2020, (sort of) explaining the thinking behind their prize-winning short.

Runners-up in this category are the music documentary A Sonic Pulse (dir: Dorothy Allen-Pickard and Antoine Martinot) and the mouth-watering stop-motion doc Jesa (dir: Kyungwon Song).

Thank you to everyone who voted or left their feedback - reading your comments kept us going through this strange homemade festival experience. If you watched any of the programmes over the past fortnight or so we'd be really grateful if you could fill out this short survey.

WTF Award

Operation Jane Walk

Dir: Robin Klengel & Leonhard Müllner (Austria 2018, 16 mins)

An urbanist walking tour of a near-future New York, created within multi-player shooter game Tom Clancy's The Division.

Judges NEOZOON and Hannes Vartiainen described the film as:

"A multi-layered misuse of a digital battle zone to raise questions about the struggle for urban space. Very intelligent and great fun to watch and listen!"

Robin and Leonhard chatted with us about video games, Robert Moses and more in this Zoom Q&A.

Short Film Award

Clean With Me (After Dark)

Dir: Gabrielle Stemmer (France 2019, 21 mins)
A chilling, perceptive collage film exploring the phenomenon of youtube cleaning videos. Along with the award Gabrielle Stemmer will receive £1000.

The judges' view:

"A powerful desktop documentary on the traces of a popular phenomenon of american housewives and a sharp image criticism of long outdated role models of motherhood. An alternation of feelings between anger and pity."

For a condensed, lighter take on the same subject, check out Stemmer's WOMEN ON TIK TOK (during covid) :

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