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Flatpack 2024: The reviews are in

Wednesday 12th June, 2024

“I went to Flatpack and… Life improved”

One of our favourite parts of post-festival admin is looking through comments left by our lovely audience. A common thread this year seems to be the importance of getting together to see things you usually wouldn't, which is very much our bag at Flatpack.

In our evaluation we delved a bit deeper into the reasons people choose to come to Flatpack Festival, and the results are in...

28% came to see something they wouldn’t usually see

Audiences said: I went to Flatpack and...

"saw something I never thought I'd see in Birmingham"

"expanded what I thought a film fest could be"

"I saw shorts I would never have had the chance to see otherwise. Life affirming films that demonstrate the power of this genre/format. Thank you Flatpack for broadening my horizons."

16% came because the festival seemed welcoming and inclusive, with 10% coming to support wellbeing

Audiences said: I went to Flatpack and...

"Felt comfortable, included and inspired"

"Had a soul refreshing time"

"Had a gorgeous time and laughed a lot. Love coming to Flatpack and trying new things and the range of ticket prices and programming feels like it makes that possible. Great job! X"

The Flatpack effect

People left the festival feeling inspired, moved and connected.

Audiences said: I went to Flatpack and...

"It expanded my mind lol. Felt very DIY and fun, imaginative and creative."

"Cried and felt like a newborn"

"Had my brain massaged"

"The creativity in me was reborn!"

We received beautiful messages from the amazing artists who came to Birmingham from all over the world!

"What a trip! Birmingham is such a cool city and @flatpackfestival is truly awesome event with plenty to see and super nice casual attitude. The programme was packed with amazing things. I was blown away with the hospitality." Jan Kulka

"On May 18th, we performed live at Flatpack Festival in Birmingham. It was also my son’s 6th birthday that day. We wanted to celebrate somehow, but due to some issues during rehearsal, we couldn’t prepare anything. When we were about to go on stage, Sam asked the audience to sing “Happy Birthday,” and they all joined in. My son, a little shy, bowed as he came on stage, but he looked genuinely happy. We are deeply grateful to everyone who was there." Artist duo Usaginingen

And some lovely write ups from press and reviewers.

"I'm always intrigued to see what Flatpack, which is committed to showing film in all shapes and sizes, has assembled for its annual festival. Think crafty cross-cultural invention with no manual rather than factory readymades." - Sight & Sound

"I am a little new to exploring the world of art and for me, this is art in a way I haven’t experienced before but hope to keep seeking out! Thank you @flatpackfestival for giving me the opportunity to experience such a beautiful performance and bringing amazing artists like @usaginingen to Birmingham!!" - @herpoetryplaylist

Thank you to everyone who made Flatpack 2024 such a joyous ten days. Best get cracking with Flatpack 2025…

Delving deeper

Katja Ogrin

If you’re keen to delve a bit deeper into this year’s festival, check out the following articles, interview and films:

Images courtesy Katja Ogrin, Paul Stringer and Sharonjit Sutton.

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