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Tuesday 15th October, 2019

It's cold, wet, and the C-word (Christmas) is being bandied about far too much for this time of year, which can only mean two things - it's October, and the submissions for our 2020 festival are now open.

All successful submissions will earn a place in the Flatpack 14 programme (5 - 10 May 2020), and successful short film entries will be in the running to win the seven awards that are up for grabs.

This year, we're after short films, live performances, and old homemade videos:

Short Film

A couple of updates to the shorts submission this year... Firstly, we're teaming up with curator, film director, and visual artist Sima Gonsai to introduce a new programme and award: the Dance Film Award (some people call this 'screendance' or 'dance on film'), essentially, it's films exploring dance, movement, music, and sound through moving images, but for a better explanation click here.

We are now a BAFTA Qualifying Festival. This means that successful submissions have a chance to go on to win a BAFTA, which'd be nice.

If you're new to us, or just need a refresher, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Films must be under 20 minutes in length and completed since January 2018;
  • The deadline to submit is 11:59pm on Sunday 26 January 2020;
  • There are seven awards up for grabs, including Best Short with a £1,000 prize;
  • There is a submission fee of £13.

Live Performance

This year, like all years, the festival programme will feature plenty of live performances, so if you've been working on some kind of expanded cinema performance or live AV show, then get in touch with the details. Here are some key facts to consider:

  • The work has to have some relation to film, cinema, the moving image, lights, shadows, projections etc (we're generally pretty open with this, but it’s worth exploring our previous festival programmes to see the type of work we have shown in the past);
  • The work doesn’t have to be brand new;
  • There is no submission fee.

Please get in contact with us here if you have something to submit.

Oh Dear Video Diary

After the success of ODVD last year (a Titanic remake with a cat playing the role of Rose being a particular highlight), we're bringing it back, so if you fancied yourself something of a filmmaker in your formative years, and are lucky enough to still have your hands on the footage (whether digitally, or on some kind of tape, disk, or film), please send it our way by dropping us a line here.

Last Year's Short Film Winners

Want to submit a short but not sure what we're after? Scroll down to get a sense of last year's winners:

Colour Box Award

The Green Bird by Maximilien Bougeois, Quentin Dubois, Marine Goalard, Irina Nguyen-Duc, Pierre Perveyrie (France 2017)

Colour Box Audience Award

Hors Piste by Leo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet (France 2018)

Optical Sound Award

FLAME by Sami van Ingen (Finland 2018)


The Last Day of Empire by Julia Halász, Anna Rubi (Hungary 2017)

Audience Award

Cat Days by Jon Frickey (Germany/Japan 2018)


Little Lower than the Angels by Neozoon (Germany 2019)
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