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Celluloid City

The film experience has long been a preoccupation and a recurring theme at Flatpack, and in 2015 we're embarking on a mission to map out Birmingham's cinema-going stories. From canvas booths on fairgrounds to boutique sofa service, a century's worth of sitting in the dark will unfold through events, screenings and talks.

We kick off in the autumn, focussing on two neighbourhoods with a particularly rich film-going heritage: Kingstanding and Balsall Heath. We're not just looking at ghost cinemas, however - in November the mac will host a weekend of Celluloid City events to complement the arrival of Steenbeckett, Atom Egoyan's astonishing 35mm installation. And to kick things off we screen The Purple Rose of Cairo - Woody Allen's love-letter to 30s movie fantasies - at the UK's oldest working cinema.

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Phil Fawke

Ian Francis
Friday 20th November, 2015 Posted by Ian Francis

An introduction to Celluloid City

Ian Francis
Friday 7th August, 2015 Posted by Ian Francis

Build your own paper cinema

Ian Francis
Saturday 21st March, 2015 Posted by Ian Francis


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