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Before Sunrise

Sunday 12th May, 2024

The Mockingbird Cinema - Screen 1 | 11:00 - 12:45

Ever found yourself trapped in an enclosed space with a cinephile? Chances are they mentioned the Before… trilogy.

Starring the ever-green Ethan Hawke and the joie de vivre of Julie Delpy, expect to come away from this truest of love stories with a warmth in your heart and a twinkle in your eye.

In Before Sunrise Jesse and Celine first share a chance meeting on the Eurorail and realise the connection they have is unlike any other. With Jesse due to catch a flight the following morning, the pair have just one night to explore what might be the greatest romance of their life. No pressure.

This endearing, grin-inducing romance by 90s indie poster child Richard Linklater will soften the heart of even the sharpest of cynics and will paint your train commute in a very different light.

The Before… trilogy is showing in all its glory at The Mockingbird Cinema as a marathon that’ll make this one Sunday a day you’ll never forget.

Dir: Richard Linklater
USA 1995
105 mins
Cert 15

Doors: 10:45
Screening starts: 11:00

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