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Highlights and Flatpass now on sale

Abbe Elliston
Tuesday 21st February, 2017 Posted by Abbe Elliston

Sizzlin' hot out the frying pan, Flatpack's got its first fresh batch out for the catchin'.

Let the following programme highlights make you quiver with anticipation before the revelation of our full announcement. Feast your eyes on what's on offer so far, including immersive cinema specials, live scores set to beautiful footage, Lynchian escapades, live documentary performance and a unique virtual reality experience.

Events now on sale:

OPENING NIGHT: SEGUNDO DE CHOMÓN - The grand opening celebration, at the Grand Hotel, no less. We'll be leaping into the festival with a selection of films from pioneering Spanish director Segundo de Chomón, renowned for his camera trickery and eccentric moustache. Accompanying these masterpieces of early silent film will be multi-instrumentalist Stephen Horne.

AROUND CHINA WITH A MOVIE CAMERA - Rare footage of historical China unseen for 115 years finally unearthed by the archives at the BFI. Accompanying these beautiful reels will be a five-piece band put together by acclaimed composer and musician Ruth Chan.

KILL BILL VOL.1 - A Tarantino classic recreated for a themed special event. Includes surprises (real hush hush). 

ERASERHEAD + CERCUEIL - David Lynch's surrealistic first feature film, Eraserhead will be blasted to new dimensions with French synth-pop duo Cercueil

ZENO VAN DEN BROEK: SHIFT SYMM - First UK performance by the Dutch A-V artist, whose mesmerising new project takes a geometric visual approach to raw electronic textures.

THE SHARED INDIVIDUAL - A VR experience like no other, with a fusion of performance, film, theatre and technological deviousness.  

HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY - Performance artist Deborah Pearson brings her captivating live documentary to the Flatpack stage, brimming with humour, satire and poignancy.

BUGS + THE WILDERNESS - A tongue-tingling venture into the prospect of insects as an alternative food resource, with Birmingham's most adventurous culinary players The Wilderness joining the party with some extravagant dishes of their own.

BUNCH OF KUNST - Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods star in Christine Franz's debut feature documentary.

HOLORAMA - Watch a very small man dancing in a velvet room, and two purple-clad bowlers vigorously polish their balls in perfect miniature. Meticulously constructed holographic theatres by Jeff Desom, showing at Millennium Point as part of Unpacked. 

ALYS FOWLER: HIDDEN NATURE - Launching award winning writer Alys Fowler's new book, in which she documents her voyage along Birmingham's better-than-Venice waterways in an inflatable kayak. Part of a canal-based Gongoozling Day.

MULHOLLAND DRIVE - One of the greatest films of the 21st century reprinted in astonishing 4k and delivered to Flatpack for your viewing pleasure. 

The Flatpack 11 Flatpass is also available to purchase here. Full programme to follow soon.





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